Optical and sunglasses follow the seasonal rhythms and creative meanderings of fashion and design to inspire aesthetic trends and original style. Eyewear manufacturers, designers and brands are addressing three meaningful themes that will impact the aesthetics of frames:


Shades that add some pep to the eye are always in style. A kaleidoscope of intense colour is always in trend, with bright palettes of fuchsia, orange, peach, coral and yellow that contrast with bottle green, khaki green, black and brown.


Maximalism is fashionable! Eyewear takes on exuberant, vibrant and unique silhouettes with stunning curves. Curves evoke a sense of movement and dynamism, while revealing a strong and ergonomic style. Designed for the eyewear wearers of the 21st century, the vintage spirit has been reinvented and modernised.


The art of mixing, composing and recomposing materials and shapes – These glasses display a creative hybridisation of alloys of materials, effects of associated surfaces, complex and/or daring structures, and succeed in combining the classics and fantasy.